Advanced Tensegrity Techniques is offered in CE hour units of 4, 6, 10, 12, and 20.

Problematic patterns in the body ‘play out’ in its tensegrity-organized forces. Chronic patterns involve the entire body while at the same time having local phenomena. While every body is organized uniquely, there are commonalities to these forces based on the principles of a tensegrity-based structure. In this class the commonalities are discussed, and a theoretical basis is presented for organizing effective work quickly and efficiently.

The tensegrity principles are combined with the concept that it is possible to work deeply into tissue layers without having to apply heavy pressure. From this perspective you will learn how to work clients’ bodies from the inside out, and how to work around structures. When these are combined with the classic working into tissues, the body becomes ‘transparent’ to the practitioner in terms of pressure. How deep bodywork is done becomes a function of pressure directing movement into tissue rather than simply pressure on tissue. Perspective on the practitioner’s part becomes more three-dimensional relative to the client’s tissue structures compared to deep work that relies primarily on pressure (which is more two-dimensional). All structural, and many non-structural, technique approaches can function within this tensegrity framework.


Dress in comfy clothing: shorts, yoga pants, sweats, t-shirts, tanks. No jeans, please.
Bring sheets and a face cradle cover. There’s a fridge and microwave on site.