NCBTMB RECERTIFICATION  is every four years.  Renewal date is different for everyone depending on when you were certified.  It helps to maintain excellence in the massage profession.

Why recertify?    Why is it important to recertify?

How to recertify   Overview of the process

Recertification options and requirements    Learn how flexible the program is

Recertification application and reference guide   Get copies of these resources in other forms besides PDF

Downloaded PDF of Recertification Application    Print and fill out

Downloaded PDF of Recertification Reference Guide
    Print out and keep for future reference.  Make sure you read carefully and fully before filling out application.

What to submit:

Fill out your application, including all applicable charts and worksheets and submit with your payment to the address below. Do not submit supporting documentation with your application. If audited you will be notified and asked to submit all continuing education supportive documentation.

All applicants must:
1) Submit 48 Continuing Education Hours (6 must be in Ethics)
2) Submit 200 Work Experience Hours
3) Pay current Recertification Application fee: $125 (plus any applicable late fees)

When to submit:

You may choose to submit your 48 continuing education and 200 work experience hours for recertification up to one year prior to your expiration date.

Where to submit:

Before you mail your application and payment, be sure to make a copy of your application for your records. Mail your completed application and payment to:

U. S. Postal Service Delivery-
75 Remittance Drive Suite 1112
Chicago, IL 60675-1112

Expedited Delivery (FedEx, UPS, DHL)-
350 New Orleans Street
Receipt & Dispatch 8th Floor, Suite 1112
Chicago, IL 60654

Ethics is on page 7 of the reference guide.
Certificants must take a minimum of six (6) hours of professional Ethics courses during each four (4) year recertification period.   2 of the 6 hours must be Standard V Roles and Boundaries.

**All of these links redirect you to the website of the National Certification Board at .