Sports Massage

Sports Massage is offered in two CE-hour units of: 12 or 20.

Chuck LaFrano’s SportsMassage course is the result of his 7 seasons as head of the massage team for the Chicago Bears as well as his many client-athletes, plus over 28 years of teaching Sports Massage. You will learn: the critical role for athletes of the sacro-iliac joints and the tibia-fibula relationship, injury-solving and -preventing theories and techniques, pre-event techniques that improve cardio-pulmonary efficiency with clear contraindications, detailed approaches to rotator cuff and anterior cruciate ligament problems, simple, easy to implement proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques, correcting leg-length discrepancies, using reciprocal inhibition, and more. Plus, Sports Massage techniques work very well on most physical problems and tissue conditions with non-athletes, giving them broad applications beyond the realm of sports.

Download LMD SportsMassage Handout – suggested reading material before coming to class


          SPRING SCHEDULE COMING SOON                                            

Dress in comfy clothing: shorts, yoga pants, sweats, t-shirts, tanks.  No jeans, pleas.
Bring sheets and a face cradle cover.
There is a fridge & microwave on site.