Philosophical Physiology is a 6 CE hour class taught over two days.                                                  

Based on Deane Juhan’s book Job’s Body, this lecture/discussion course moves through chapters 2-9, focusing primarily on the relationships between connective tissue, muscle tone, and proprioception. As we see the body and mind merge into ‘bodymind’, the physiology of tissues in the process of functioning becomes organized and governed by emotions, enabled through proprioception. Since our emotions play out within our own philosophies, this class explores how we connect our values through our perceptions to our emotions, through our unconscious mind to our proprioceptors, muscle tone, and on to our collagen fiber/fascial structure. In short, how we view the world is in direct relationship to the arrangement of our collagen fibers, and so to our structure. This dynamic is explained from a bodyworker’s point of view, making the class directly pertinent to effective massage.