Autoimmune Issues, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis

One effect of the sympathetic, fight-or-flight response is to inhibit the immune system. Most of us experience the fight-or-flight response many times a day over everyday occurrences, such as being late, or not finding the car keys, or overcooking the eggs. With every sympathetic, fight-or-flight event we produce fewer white blood cells in our bodies. LaFrano Massage Dynamics views this as a prime cause for autoimmune issues.

The massage therapy approach here is to elicit the parasympathetic response in the client. The parasympathetic, rest and digest response has the opposite effect as the sympathetic: it enhances the operation and effectiveness of the immune system. That means discovering what massage approach most deeply relaxes, most feels safest, to the client. That will naturally be different, sometimes radically different, from client to client, maybe from session to session. Success requires paying close attention to the client’s response to any technique, structural or energetic, that is used. As in all effective massage therapy, the client’s response guides the practitioner.

We combine techniques from Floating Joint and Advanced Tensegrity Techniques to achieve a maximal parasympathetic experience for the client. Read our testimonials. We guarantee our clients a 40% reduction in symptoms after the first treatment, and a minimum of 75% reduction after six treatments.

Our Medical Massage Program can, with client participation in the process, lead to total alleviation of autoimmune disorders.

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