Chuck’s Testimonials

My arm was so atrophied that the students at WMTI sent me to Chuck LaFrano. I was in so much pain so much of the time I couldn’t even sleep through the night. Now I can fall asleep on my shoulder sometimes! I have so much more use of my arm today. I can do normal things like open a door, reach over to fasten my seat belt or open my glove box. I can even pick up and carry a grocery bags today with my right arm. My arm is a functional limb today thanks to Chuck.
— Diane F.

I have made extensive use of Chuck LaFrano’s scar tissue massage work. I am an avid soccer player and coach. Prior to this I fought in the Golden Gloves. In college, I was a gymnast. At 48 years old I have managed to tear almost every muscle and tendon in my body to some extent. Probably the most vivid benefit of Chuck’s work was after I ruptured my Achilles tendon on Nov. 14, 1993. It required surgical repair. Chuck began working on it two weeks after surgery, while I was in a walking brace. My orthopedic surgeon offered a guarded prognosis for recovery, estimating that I would not have use of the tendon for at least 9 to 12 months. My prospects for playing soccer competitively were questionable. I chose not to go to physical therapy and asked Chuck if he would do the rehab work. I got steadily better and stronger. After three months I was able to jog, and five and a half months after surgery I was playing soccer full out. I could run and cut and not hold back. That tendon, the left, actually is sore less often than the right. I also suffered a third degree separation of my right shoulder, which I had repeatedly injured earlier during gymnastics. Chuck got me through that, quickly enabling me to return to a set of 30 pull-ups. It may take a small book to describe adequately the host of lesser tears and injuries Chuck has fully rehabilitated for me. I’ll close by telling you that when Chuck was recommended to me in Sept. of 1989, I was ready to quit playing soccer because of soreness and nagging injuries. I figured my playing days were probably up. I asked him if his work could keep my playing soccer. I played for 17 more years, and I still coach. For me, this extended run has been nothing short of miraculous.
— Jeff S.

I was involved in an automobile accident in January of 1997 and shattered my tibial plateau. The surgeon worked on it for over five hours placing a plate and then seven screws into the shattered bone. Upon healing, the lower part of my leg bent to the outside and I was always in pain. I saw another doctor and he ‘scoped’ the knee but I didn’t get relief from the pain and the kink was still there. In March of 1998 he did a total knee replacement. At a friend’s urging I had you come over to work on scar management about a week later (after the surgery). I had a visiting nurse and physical therapist coming to see me also. The day after your first visit the nurse, without knowing about your work, commented on how much the swelling had gone down in my knee and that afternoon the physical therapist commented on how well the knee was able to move. I believe they had been to see me two days earlier. I always felt better after your work. I don’t know how well I would have done without you since I’ve never had this kind of surgery before but I have and will again recommend massage therapy to anyone I know who has knee surgery.
— George K.