Nick’s Story

Nick Sikich, Instructor and Associate

Having been a professional guitarist most of my life, the wear and tear on my wrists, shoulder and back prompted me to seek out a viable solution to my chronic pain. I began chiropractic and massage therapy as a conservative alternative to western medicine. The results were immediate, profound, and ultimately inspiring.

The effective results of manipulative therapies motivated me to attend The Wellness and Massage Training Institute. While there I studied and became certified in a variety of massage modalities including Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Sports Massage, Pre-Natal and Reiki.

After graduating, I began working in a chiropractic setting.My experience there further reinforced the significant impact that hypertonicity has on connective tissue and joints in the human body as a tensegrity structure.

During this time I also began studying with Chuck LaFrano through the LaFrano Massage Dynamics program. The LMD experience further deepened my understanding of tensegrity, connective tissue, and proprioception. I believe these concepts are the core essentials to understanding just how the body functions and how we can be more effective through bodywork.

I am currently an instructor for LaFrano Massage Dynamics and I am an instructor at SoderWorld Wellness Center & Academy. I have a private bodywork practice.