Medical Massage Therapist, Chuck LaFrano

LaFrano Massage Dynamics offers an innovative bodywork philosophy, centered around medical massage therapy. We’ve developed specialized, medical massage techniques, as well as a broad holistic vision that, when combined, help those with injuries and illnesses to recover more quickly. We teach medical massage continuing education courses throughout the country. Chuck has a private practice in Naperville, IL.
Chuck have been in the bodywork business for 30 years. He is passionate about the work he creates and enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with students and clients.

Chuck LaFrano – Founder of LMD, Chief Instructor, Medical Massage Therapist

Chuck became a bodyworker in 1985, led to the field in response to his own back pain, followed by a sense of the amazing scope of massage therapy’s effectiveness. He graduated from the Chicago School of Massage Therapy in April of 1987.

While heading the massage team for the Chicago Bears for seven seasons, from 1991-1997, Chuck began to develop his novel approach to medical massage therapy. He taught at The Wellness and Massage Training Institute when it opened in September of 1989 through February, 2009. During that time his classes included basic and advanced Swedish, sports massage, mobilization techniques, myofascial massage, physiology for bodyworkers, and integrative studies. The advanced education classes he designed for WMTI included advanced pressure techniques, floating joint, scar tissue massage, structural patterns, and a philosophical class focused around presence, energy, and intention.

Chuck also managed the massage department at the Heartland Health and Fitness Retreat in Gilman, Illinois, from 1987-1989, and he directed massage at the Grothman Chiropractic Clinic for 5 _ years. Chuck was a guest instructor at the Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy where he taught his unique approach to Scar Tissue Massage. He also organized and taught a 22-hour, 7-day massage class in Jamaica on four separate occasions. “Scar Tissue Massage,” an article he authored, was published in the May/June, 2001, issue of Massage Magazine.

His medical massage continuing education courses consist of Floating Joint Technique, Advanced Tensegrity Techniques, Scar Tissue Technique, Sports Massage 1 & 2, Style, Rhythm, and Breath, Philosophical Physiology, The “Heart” of the Matter, and Advanced Chair Massage.

Chuck’s Private Practice

For over 27 years Chuck LaFrano has maintained a private practice dedicated to specific problems. As a medical massage therapist he has encountered and had success in eliminating the underlying structural issues for numerous conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome, nerve impingement, chronic sciatic pain, plantar fascitis, endometriosis, chronic ovarian cysts, a wide variety of autoimmune disorders, TMJ dysfunction, sports injuries (both chronic and acute), joint pain and chronic joint inflammation, and a specialty in post-surgery scar tissue. Chuck has been successful with chronic pain situations and many issues with indeterminate causes and occurrences.

A Personal Note from Chuck LaFrano:

LaFrano Massage Dynamics is about shared understanding, inspiration, and an adventure of discovery. I have been teaching massage therapy classes for over 20 years: it is one of the highest passions in my life. I love the massage class dynamic, the excitement generated in the exploration of concepts and technique, the exchange of perspectives, the joy of realization.

Previously I have taught at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute, an excellent school that was dedicated to sound basic and advanced massage principles. Working in the Continuing Education realm with licensed and established massage therapists, we can focus on advanced medical massage therapy concepts and techniques by exploring them at a higher, broader level and a deeper intensity.

My goal and my passion are to make each of the classes intriguing, fascinating, highly informative, entertaining, and, foremost, instantly applicable to participants’ practices and clients. I will be sure each and every participant understands the concepts behind the courses, and is able to competently perform all techniques. Join our journey into new realms within the infinite universe of medical massage therapy.

Chuck is an approved provider through the NCBTMB and State.